How Microsoft and Grundfos are working to provide safe drinking water to the world

Bertrand Launay, GM General Manager of One Commercial Partner at Microsoft Western Europe, recently had an interesting call with Fredrik Östbye, Group VP Vice President and Head of FutureLab at GRUNDFOS. They have similar sustainability ambitions to Microsoft and are doing some great work with water supplies, safe drinking water, and improving infrastructure across the world.

In this video, Fredrik discusses how GRUNDFOS is looking to play a key role in helping Microsoft reach its environmental sustainability targets. These targets consist of becoming carbon negative by 2030, meaning removing more carbon from the environment than we emit. We’ve also committed that by 2050, we will remove all the carbon we have emitted since our founding in 1975. These are ambitious goals, but we are working hard to reach them across all aspects of the company.

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Duration: 00:03:03
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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