How Swyftx Got Started | Billion Dollar Napkin (S1 E1) | AWS Startups

Host, journalist, mathematician, and comedian Adam Spencer, to discuss the idea that they’ve ultimately grown into a high-velocity business.

Over a few drinks at a classic Australian pub, our founders recount their origin stories by drawing out their startup idea on a cocktail napkin, illustrating the adventures, mistakes, and milestones along the way that have helped them ultimately achieve success and prove what’s possible with AWS.

In episode 1, founders Alex Harper and Angus Goldman illustrate how their startup Swyftx is riding the rocket of the crypto revolution. The wild fluctuations in digital currencies have made and broken many fortunes, but they have also created a massive opportunity for those entrepreneurs smart enough – and brave enough – to build the services that are making this new class of investing possible. One of those is Swyftx, an Australian owned and operated crypto exchange that enables users to purchase over 300 crypto assets, including popular currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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