How The Weather Company Monetizes Weather: The Big Data Challenge (BDT208) | AWS re:Invent 2013

“(Presented by Basho) This session will discuss the transformation of the most widely distributed cable TV network in the United States, building on one of the world’s most visited digital properties, to create a world class Big Data platform.
Architects, CTOs, CIOs, IT Director, and development managers will learn how to run highly scalable analytics workloads on Amazon EC2 and Amazon EMR for complex, real-time analysis of large data sets. All while decreasing time to results and increasing business agility. Bryson Koehler, EVP & CIO of The Weather Company, will discuss architecture, technology choices, performance results and business benefits realized as part of their use of AWS services to host an exciting set of solutions and generate new revenue streams.
Weather impacts over 30% of the global GDP daily and is the source of vast amounts of data collection. The Weather Company is the leader in weather forecasting and is bringing the world’s most accurate forecasting capabilities alive in a full suite of data APIs built fully on Infrastructure as a Service platforms, including AWS and next generation products like Basho Riak, Hadoop, and Dasein.
This session will discuss how the application of these technologies help keep people safe and helps businesses plan and become more profitable, thanks to the latest intersection of consumer behavior and weather forecasting and reporting.”

Duration: 43:41
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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