How to Add a Administrator using the cPanel File Manager

The following tutorial will take you adding a WordPress administrator user using only the cPanel file manager.

You will need to have a unique user name, unique email account, and password for the user that you intend to add. Additionally, you will to know and access to the WordPress installation files. The addition of the user will be done using only the cPanel file manager. The video also supplies the code for a small function that you will need in order to add the user.

Steps to adding a WordPress Administrator User:

Log in to the cPanel
Click on File Manager
Locate your WordPress installation files
Identify and then go into the active theme files running on your WordPress site
Locate the functions.php file
Open the file with an editor through the cPanel
Add the code to the bottom of the file making sure that you have added the unique user, email a

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Publisher: InMotion Hosting
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