How to add a background image or color in WordPress

Today we will be talking about Backgrounds in WordPress themes. We will be focusing on how they affect your site, how to load them in the WordPress Admin, and settings to consider for the image you decide to use.

How to determine a background for a WordPress theme

Background images or colors can allow you to quickly give your WordPress site a motif or mood. However, when you select a background, you need to give serious thought to the WordPress theme you have chosen for your site. Remember that WordPress themes do not consist of just a single page.

Keep these things in mind when selecting a Background Image:

Scope of your site – Make sure the background image or color doesn’t conflict with the overall purpose of your website

The purpose of a website page – Your WordPress site typically consists of multiple pages; make sure that your chosen background helps bring focus to the content of all the pages where it is visible

Effect of image on other elements on the page – check to see how your background affects the elements already existing in your website. Will it distract viewers? Or does it help to emphasize what you want people to see?

Determining the proper size for your Background image

After you have settled on an image, you will need to make sure that it fits with the theme that you have chosen. Check the theme documentation to see if they give you dimensions for what would be the optimal size for the theme. If you are unable to find documentation on the proper size for your background image, use your favorite graphics program to create various sizes for your image. This way you can test and adjust your image so that it properly fits as your background image.

Determining the correct color for your Background

If you have decided to use a color instead of an image, be sure to check how it affects all pages of your WordPress site. For example, if you’re using a dark font for titling, a dark color background may make it hard to see. The main advantage to a color background is that it doesn’t require special attention for various screen sizes.

How to load a Background image on your site:

Log into the WordPress Administrator
Click on Appearance, then click on Background OR Click on Customize and then Background Image
Click Select Image. This will open the media library where you can select an image or upload one. After you select the image you will see the following options:-Background Repeat: No Repeat, Tile, Tile Horizontally, Tile Vertically
-Background Position: Left, Center Right
-Background Attachment: Scroll, Fixed

The image option default values and image optimal settings will vary based on the theme and the image that you select. If you want to tile a pattern, make sure to test it and check all of your WordPress pages to see how it will appear.

How to Change the Background Color

Log into the Admin
Click on Customize
Click on Colors
Change the Background Color

Note that the dialog box for Colors may vary based on the theme you have selected.

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