How to Add a Contact in the Address Book of the Horde Webmail Client

How to add a New Contact in Horde

There are two main ways to add contacts in the Horde Address book

Clicking on the email address when reading an email in Horde
Using the Address Book Interface in Horde

Note: Contacts can also be added to an address book through an IMPORT process, but this will be discussed in a separate tutorial.

Keep in mind that adding the email address when reading an email only adds the email address information into the address book.

To add email address when reading:

Login to Horde Webmail
Open an email with an email address that you want to save
Left-click on the address
Select Add to Address Book

Adding contacts using the Address Book

The Horde address book lets you keep not only the email for a contact, but also lot of other information that can be useful when trying to keep your contacts organized. This information is organized in to the following tabs: personal, location, communications, organization and other.

In order to add a contact directly into the Horde Address book:

Login to Horde Webmail
Click on the Menu where it is labeled “Address Book”. If you click directly on the menu item, it will display the Address book screen.
On the left hand menu you will be able to click on NEW CONTACT.

The main requirement that you need to add here is the Last Name. This is the primary key used to organized the contacts. Note that you can add contacts that do NOT have email addresses.

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