How to Add a Google Spreadsheet to a WordPress Post

Today we will show you how to add a Google Sheets spreadsheet to a WordPress post using the Google oEmbed plugin. Using the plugin you will be able to edit the worksheet from within the post. We will demonstrate how to load the plugin, activate it and use it.

Loading the Google oEmbed Plugin

Login to the WordPress Admin
Click on Plugins
Click on Add New
Search for Google Docs oEmbed plugin
Click on Install now
Next, find the plugin in your Installed Plugins list and then click on Activate

At this point you will be ready to use the plugin in your WordPress post.

oEmbed is a standard that WordPress has been using to make adding content to your WordPress posts much easier. This is no different when adding Google Sheets spreadsheets into your posts. The following steps show you how to add the document into your WordPress post.

Login to your Admin
Click on Posts
Create a new post or edit an existing one
Copy the Shareable link from your Google Sheets spreadsheet
Next, in the edit window of your WordPress post, paste the URL for your Google spreadsheet (in the visual tab side of the editor)
Wordpress will then automatically take care of the issue for you. You will see the document load into your WordPress post window. This may take several seconds depending on the size of the spreadsheet.Once you see the spreadsheet is loaded, click on Save or Update in order save your changes.

That concludes our tutorial on adding a Google spreadsheet into a WordPress using the Google oEmbed plugin. For more information on oEMbed, please go to this link:

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