How to add a subdomain within cPanel

In this video we will show you how to add a subdomain to your account within the cPanel.

A domain name is not registered on its own as it is part of an existing domain name.

They are commonly used to separate a website into logical components.

For instance, say I have a domain named

I could have a blog at and an e-commerce store at while my main information is at
First, log into your cPanel.

Next, locate the Domains category and click on the SubDomains icon.

From here, enter the name for your new subdomain.

Note that the document root will be autofilled with the same name you gave the subdomain.

You can change this if you want.

If the directory does not exist it will be created by cPanel.

Click on Create.

Now you will see the new subdomain appear in the list below.

Allow for a short propagation time so the subdomain can be recognized by domain servers and visitors should be able to visit anything you have on it.

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