How to Add New GridBlocks in BoldGrid

One of the features unique to BoldGrid is the GridBlock.

This allows you to add preformatted chuncks of content to new or existing pages in your website.

You can then modify the content to meet your sites needs.

To start, log into your BoldGrid admin interface.

Now click on the Pages option from the left hand sidebar menu.

You can add GridBlocks to both existing page. We will demonstrate here by adding one to an existing page.

Find the page you want to work with and click the name or click Edit.

Once on the page. Click on the Add GridBlock button.

Now, find a GridBlock template that fits what you want to add.

If you do not see one that fits exactly, pick one that is close, because you can still edit it afterwards.

Click Insert into page to add it to your page.

You can now see the section in the page preview as it relates to your page.

Once you are happy with its placement, click on the Update button to save your page.

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