How to Add Users in WordPress

WordPress was made to be an interactive platform that allows people to see and react to the media and posts or pages that are presented to them. To help govern the interaction of users and to help the owner of the website control the information presented and received, WordPress has created the option to have users with different functional roles. We will be discussing the different roles for users, and how to add them with the WordPress administrator backend.

By default, WordPress has 5 User roles:


Subscribers are users who have have registered with the WordPress site and are allowed to post and access content within posts or pages where a login is required. Subscribers are not allowed create original content.

Contributors are users who can write original content and manage their posts, but they are not permitted to publish the posts or upload any media.

Authors are able to create original content and publish the content. They can also manage their own existing posts and upload media files.

Editors can publish posts, manage anyone’s content, and also upload media files as necessary.

Administrators have full access to any content or function for administering the WordPress website.

How to do you add users in the WordPress?

WordPress users are added in the Administrator backend.

Login to the WordPress Admin
Click on Users
Fill in the User Fields
Type in a Strong password
Select role by clicking on the drop down arrow

When the role has been selected and all of the user information has been filled, click on ADD NEW USER.

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