How to architect an AI/ML powered Healthcare platform on Google Cloud

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Ever wonder how healthcare companies deal with massive amounts of data from multiple sources? In this episode of Architecting Cloud Solutions, Priyanka Vergadia speaks with Amol Kher, VP of Engineering from Vida Health, about how they use AI and ML to manage and automate all of the tasks that aren’t member-facing, so providers can focus their time and energy on their patients. You will see them discuss the Data Analytics pipeline and their application architecture on Google Cloud.

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Business challenges that Vida Health set out to solve in the healthcare space.
1:39 – Why did Vida Health choose Google Cloud?
4:00 – Vida Health’s ML/AI solution built on Google Cloud
6:40 – Data Pipeline Architecture on Google Cloud
11:14 – Securing the data on Google Cloud
14:18 – Application Architecture
15:25 – How did Vida Health migrate their application to Google Cloud
17:13 – Partners & teams that helped bring this architecture to life
17:30 – New things Vida Health is exploring Healthcare API, FHIR capabilities on Google Cloud
19:35 – Summary

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