How to authenticate users of your apps with the Microsoft identity platform

Matthijs Hoekstra explains the basics of modern authentication with the Microsoft identity platform using several demo application scenarios including JavaScript, .NET Core, and .NET Core console apps.

Code samples for Microsoft identity platform:
Documentation for Microsoft identity platform:

ID token documentation:

Quickstarts (note: the guide content and code may be updated from what appears in the video.)

Javascript single page app:
ASP.NET Core web app:
.NET Core console (daemon):


Basics of modern authentication – 0:29
DEMO: configure a JavaScript app using a quick start guide – 6:40
Useful ID token resources- 11:41
Redirect URIs – 12:43
DEMO: ASP .NET Core app configuration – 14:41
Our “golden rules” for handling tokens – 16:26
What about background applications? – 23:47
DEMO: .NET Core console (daemon) app authentication – 25:47
Who guarantees security? – 27:39

Duration: 00:29:09
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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