How to build a CI/CD pipeline with Spinnaker

Continuous delivery pipelines with Spinnaker and Google Kubernetes Engine →

Without having a reliable, automatic process to update a microservice-based application, Critter Junction is having a hard time changing and scaling their application. In this episode of Season of Scale, Carter Morgan shows you how you can utilize Cloud Build, Artifact Registry, Spinnaker, and other tools to develop an automated, tag-based continuous integration and deployment pipeline. Watch to learn how you can enable faster iterations and flexibility for your applications’ containerized environment!

0:00 – Intro
0:49 – CICD pipeline overview
1:27 – Push changes using Git and Git tags
1:51 – Use Cloud Build to build Docker image
2:23 – Use Spinnaker to test and deploy to production

Getting Started with Artifact Registry →

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Product: Cloud Build, Artifact Registry; fullname: Carter Morgan;

Duration: 00:03:35
Publisher: Google Cloud
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