How To Build A Construction Company Website (That Brings A Ton Of Leads)

How do I Build a Construction Company Website?

Are you a builder or do you run a construction company?

If you do then I’m going to explain how to build a website and market your business online the right way.

How to Build A Construction Company Website

I will show you how to build an online strategy on solid foundations.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

I’ll explain the best web design tools to use
I’ll show you how to get a fantastic website at a low cost
You’ll understand how to structure your website and the type of content you should create
& I’ll show you how to market your construction business online- the right way

Hi, I’m Tony Messer – the founder of Pickaweb, the web hosting company that helps businesses get online, get found and get more customers.

First up – choosing the right tool for the job.

If you’re tempted to build your own website – you might want to think twice about that.


Come on – when you go to see a client & they say they’ll do it themselves what’s your reaction?

Building your own website is a false economy. What are your prospective clients going to think if they look at a DIY website that’s all over the place?

It won’t instill confidence will it?

So my strong recommendation to you is to use a pre-made WordPress Template.

WordPress is the world’s most popular web design tool so it’s like the industry standard. 1 in 4 of all websites are built with WordPress so it’s as safe as houses.

Next, get a low cost template. You can buy them from places like Themeforest –

They cost about $50 but they look amazing & they work in any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

You’ll need a developer to build it. There are companies that will do it for around £300.

Check Maxima Local for web design services

OK, so you’ve got a beautiful website. Now you need to get people to visit it & find out about you.

Get a free copy of our book The Website Survival Kit at

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How to Build A Construction Company Website

I hope you liked this video on how to create a website for a construction company.

If you’ve got any questions or comments just leave them below – I really appreciate it, I always read them & I will get back to you.

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