How to build a Kubeflow Pipeline

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Want to learn how to create an ML application from Kubeflow Pipelines? In this episode of Kubeflow 101, we show you how to build a Kubeflow Pipeline from the ML model we explored in the last episode. Moreover, we give you a walkthrough of how to create, test and deploy your ML application in Kubeflow Pipelines. Watch to learn how Kubeflow Pipelines can bring orchestration to complex workflows when working with ML applications.

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0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Pipeline steps overview
1:09 – Import dependencies, define constants
1:45 – Download trainer data
2:10 – Train the model
3:04 – Deploy the model
3:22 – Define and submit the Kubeflow pipeline
3:56 – Compile and share the pipeline
4:26 – Conclusion

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