How to build a modern banking app with Google Cloud

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Welcome back to Build with Google Cloud, where we aim to make building your app in the cloud easier. In this episode, Developer Advocate Priyanka discusses an approach to building a modern banking platform in the cloud. Watch to learn about the power of Google Cloud and how you can also leverage the cloud to build a modern banking platform.

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – The current state of banking
1:35 – Banking as a service model architecture
2:24 – APIs for banking
3:21 – Let us know in the comments
3:35 – High level overview
6:06 – The architecture
6:36 – Channel services
7:01 – The customer applications
7:13 – The integration layer (API connectors)
8:00 – Event / Transformation hub
8:14 – Data for enterprise use
8:47 – Back end services
9:16 – Core application services
9:49 – Core security and operational services
10:19 – Sample application code
10:32 – Wrap up

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