How to build a serverless real-time credit card fraud detection solution

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Learn how to use serverless tools on Google Cloud to build a real time credit card fraud detection solution.

This is a step-by-step video that explores the credit card fraud detection pattern in this and helps walk you through the entire process of building such a system in your organization.

You will learn how to:
– Prepare the training data on BigQuery
– Train and evaluate the fraud detection model using BigQuery ML
– Build a streaming pipeline for online predictions on new transactions using Dataflow and AI Platform
– Set up fraud notifications using Pub/Sub
– Visualize using operational dashboards using Data Studio

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product: BigQuery, Pub/Sub, Dataflow, Data Studio; fullname: Polong Lin, Pavan Kumar Kattamuri, Eshan Tyagi;

Duration: 00:16:07
Publisher: Google Cloud
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