How to build a social media photo sharing app on Google Cloud

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We’ve all used social media, but have you ever wanted to make your own? Welcome back to Build with Google Cloud, where we aim to make building your app in the cloud easier. In this episode, Developer Relations Intern Christopher Le discusses an end-to-end approach to building a social media application. Watch to learn about the power of Google Cloud and how you can also leverage the cloud to build a social media platform.

0:00 – Intro
1:15 – What are the challenges of building a social media app?
2:02 – Basic functions of our social media app
2:22 – Setting up the network with Cloud DNS
3:38 – How to handle rapid growth with Cloud Load Balancer
4:21 – Create a login system for users with Identity Platform
5:00 – Setup a database with Cloud SQL
6:02 – How does posting work with Cloud Storage
8:03 – Designing user experience with Cloud CDN
8:57 – What we’ve built so far
11:01 – Wrap up

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