How to build a virtual employment center on Google Cloud & Workspace

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2020 changed many aspects of our lives. With implementation of lockdowns everywhere, even something as simple as meeting in-person was impossible. How do you provide essential services such as interview prep, career coaching, and so much more when in-person meetings are not safe? Watch to learn how the state of Rhode Island rose up to the challenge of change by modernizing their workforce development operations leveraging tools such as Google Cloud Platform, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Google Workspace.

0:00 – Intro
0:03 – Rhode Island’s challenges in 2020
1:15 – Who is Maven Wave (Google Partner)
1:47 – Joel Osman introduces himself
2:06 – Joel explains use case of Virtual Career Center (VCC)
2:31 – Products used to build solution
3:33 – Walkthrough of VCC’s architecture
6:34 – The experience before and after VCC
8:07 – Fun fact about user adoption of VCC
9:30 – Design considerations of analytics of the VCC
10:35 – Future technical enhancements
12:10 – How different designs arise
12:58 – Memorable moment Joel’s team experienced
13:40 – Conclusion & check the links in the description

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