How to Build This: Add Personalization to Your Apps

Start building on AWS today!

Learn how to incorporate personalization into your apps – no ML experience required! We’ll demonstrate this by using the example of an app that recommends courses for students.


Special thanks to these contributors:
* James Jory
* Mat Werber

Resources to get started:
* Getting started with AWS Amplify:
* Getting started with Amazon Personalize:
* How Amazon Personalize works:
* Streaming real time data into Amazon Personalize:
* Parameters in a Amazon Personalize EventTracker:
* How to choose the right Personalize recipe:
* Hierarchical recurrent neural network (HRNN) recipe in Amazon Personalize:
* Creating a campaign in Amazon Personalize:
* Evaluating an Amazon Personalize solution:

Duration: 00:07:50
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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