How to Build This: Make your First Sports Score Prediction App

Learn how you can create an app with machine learning to predict the outcome of a sports game. This is a great project for someone new to machine learning.

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Special thanks to this contributor:
* Pallavi Nargund

Resources to help viewers of this show build a similar kind of app:
* Getting started with Amazon SageMaker:
* Tutorial on SageMaker:
* Feature Extraction/Feature Processing in SageMaker:
* Using XGBoost in Amazon SageMaker:
* Analyzing training jobs in Amazon SageMaker:
* A/B testing your model in production:
* Deploying your model into production:
* Hosting multiple models with SageMaker Multi-model endpoint:
* How to use Lambda and API Gateway to invoke a SageMaker endpoint:
* Monitoring SageMaker with Amazon CloudWatch:
* Getting started with DynamoDB:
* Self paced Amazon SageMaker workshop:

Duration: 00:07:34
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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