How to Build This: What You Need to Build Your e-Commerce App

Learn the fundamentals of creating an e-commerce app on AWS by incorporating customer service, payments, sign up, sign in, and search.

Start building on AWS today!


Special thanks to these contributors:
* Ruchika Abbi
* Sinan Erdem

Resources for Landing Page to Help Viewers of the Show Take Action:
* Tutorials on AWS Amplify for web and mobile:
* Steps to create a chat bot with Amazon Lex and pass the information from the chat bot conversation to a customer support agent:
* Adding authentication to your app in AWS Amplify:
* Creating a REST or GraphQL API in AWS Amplify with AWS AppSync:
* Creating a schema for your Amazon DynamoDB table with AWS AppSync custom resolvers:
* Creating AWS Lambda functions in AWS Amplify:
* Using AWS AppSync with Amazon Elasticsearch:
* Getting started with Amazon Elasticsearch:
* Create a serverless MySQL compatible relational database in AWS Amplify. Use this if your application is new, lightly used, is unpredictable, have dev and test or if you need a database for each customer:
* Hosting your application with AWS Amplify

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Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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