How to build trust for your website | 123-reg

In this video, Nick Leech, Group Marketing Director at 123-reg, presents six important elements that, once employed, contribute to building customer trust on your website.

The first such element is to provide clear visible contact details on your website such as a telephone number or address at which you can be reached. These details confer credibility and reliability to your business and website, reassuring customers of your ‘realness’.

A second aspect to be taken into consideration, when it comes to local businesses with physical locations, is to feature a map on the related website. Thus, potential customer can check your premises and prove your existence.

Thirdly, publishing photos of your staff and office also helps customers trust your website. This way, you enable the visitors to make a connection between the human element and the technological one.

A fourth element is represented by the presence of any affiliation or organisation logos on your website. Depending on the underlying activity of your business, make any membership references and logos visible and it will consolidate the customers’ trust in you.

Testimonials serve as a fifth element to increase the credibility of your website. Happy customers talking about their satisfaction through your activity will sure act as a recommendation for your business. Hence, make sure you provide believable statements pertaining to satisfied clients accompanied by photos of either the respective persons or of the work you made for them.

The sixth trust-building element results from any award or certification received as a sign of recognition of your merits by third parties. Therefore, if any magazine, organisation or local group has publicly appraised your activity, showcase these appreciative tokens on your website. Customers will be more than happy to discover them and feel reassured.

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Duration: 3:18
Publisher: 123 Reg
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