How to change the site title in WordPress

The site title in WordPress is often the title of the blog or the site. It can be be easily changed using the WordPress Administrator. The following article explains how to find the site title, how the site title is affected by themes, and how to make changes to the site title.

The Site Title can be found in the Customize option for Themes. Clicking on Customize within the Appearance menu and then typing in the Site Title field will alter the content of the Site Title. Once the site title is changed, you will need to click on “Save and Publish” in order to save and then display the change.

The Site title can also be changed within the General Settings portion of the WordPress Administrator. Once you are in the General Settings section, you can click on the field for the Site Title and type in a new site title. In order to save the change, click on “SAVE” at the bottom of the General Settings Page.

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