How to Change the WordPress Administrator User

Learn how to change the WordPress administrator user. The actual WordPress administrator user name cannot be changed directly. Instead, you would need to create a new WordPress administrator user, login as that user, and then delete the older WordPress user name. This video tutorial walks through the process of changing the admin user as well as deleting the old admin user.

00:00 Intro animation
00:09 Introduction to the tutorial
00:19 Admin user names can’t be changed
00:48 Make a backup before you delete
01:01 Log in to the WordPress Administrator Dashboard
01:17 Add a new user
02:20 Log out of the WordPress Administrator Dashbaord with the old admin user
02:37 Log in as the new WordPress Administrator User
02:47 Go to the Users list
02:51 Delete old Admin user
03:01 Delete all content from the old admin user, or assign it to a different user
03:17 Confirm deletion
03:25 Conclusion

To learn more about the WordPress Administrator user, please see:


You can also find out more on using WordPress with our Educational Channel:


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