How to Change Your FTP Quota in cPanel

Today we are going to go over how to change your FTP quota in the cPanel.

The quota is a bandwidth limit that you can impose on an individual FTP account.

For instance you may want to give certain individuals specific limits on the amount of content they can FTP up to the account per month, so you would set a quota.

First, log into your cPanel admin dashboard like I’ve already done here.

Next, you want to locate the Files category.

By default on the X3 theme, it is the third category down.

If you are using the Paper Lantern theme, it is the top category.

Now find and click on the “FTP Accounts” icon.

Once on the FTP Accounts page, scroll down and find the account you want to work with under the Accounts list.

Click on the “Change Quota” link.

Enter the new quota.

It is set to Unlimited is the default, but you may wish to simply assign limits to different users depending on your needs.

Click the “Change Quota” button to activate the new limit.

Now you know how to change your FTP quota within the cPanel.

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