How to choose a domain name | 123-reg
When choosing a domain name you are effectively selecting your website address. This is the phrase that anyone typing your address into their web browser will have to use. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a domain name that’s memorable and relevant to your site.

Of course, if you’re a brand, organisation or a company, you’ll want to use your trading name. But even if you’re only setting up a hobby site, like a blog or portfolio, you’ll still want to use an appropriate domain name phrase to represent your website address.

Top tip: Domain names are very important to search engine like Google.
You’ll rank higher in search engine results if your name contains words that people are searching for. So including words in your domain name that relate to the products or services that your website provides can be a really good idea.

For example, if you run an online coffee shop in West London, then the domain name phrase ‘west-london-coffee’ could help with search engine rankings.

In our final tutorial we’ll explain how to go about registering a domain name.

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