How to choose the right database for application scalability

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Critter Junction is looking for the right type of databases that allows their app to vertically and horizontally scale with ease, but which database will best serve their needs? In this episode of Season of Scale, we help Critter Junction choose the best database option for their mobile mini game – explaining the pros and cons of Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, and Cloud Firestore. Watch to learn how to decide on a database suited for data type, scaling needs, and developer flexibility!

0:00 – Intro
1:06 – Horizontal vs. vertical scaling
1:18 – Cloud SQL
2:32 – Cloud Spanner
3:09 – Cloud Firestore
4:30 – Conclusion

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Product: Cloud SQL, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Spanner; fullname: Jenny Brown;

Duration: 00:05:02
Publisher: Google Cloud
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