How to Configure Contact Form Notification

Many of the default setups in BoldGrid come complete with a Contact Form. This video will show you how to configure the contact form so that you are notified when someone fills it out.

First, log into your BoldGrid Admin Interface.

To locate the form, you need to work with, go to the Pages section.

Then Edit the page that has the Contact Form.

Switch to Text version and locate the form ID.

This is the form you will be working with.

Next, click on the Forms link on the left-hand side bar menu.

Locate the form you are going to work with from the Forms list, hover over it and click on the “Edit” link.

This opens up a tabs page specific to the form. Click on the Email & Actions tab.

You are now on the Actions list page. If it is your first time, you will notice there are no actions listed. Click on the “Add New” button to add a new one.

Give your action a name, something you can identify it with, such as “Email Admin”

Then go to the type and select “Email” from the dropdown menu.

Some of the information will be filled out for you. Check these fields to see if you want to change any of it.

The ”TO” field is the one we want to pay attention to. Enter the email addresses that you want to notify when a form has been submitted. The only limitation is that the list of email addresses cannot include the same as the “FROM” field.

Give it a descriptive Subject just like any email.

In the Email message section, click on the “Insert All Fields” button so that it includes all the information that was submitted in the form. This information will be in table form.

Click on the “Save” button to save the configuration. Your new action will now appear in the Actions List page.

Now you will get an email whenever someone submits a form on your BoldGrid site!

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