How to Configure cPanel in WHM

When you’re setting up a cPanel in WHM, there are a few places involved in the configuration of the new account. The first place to look in cPanel for configuration settings is the Basic cPanel and WHM Setup. We will be going over the values of each section in this tutorial.

You will need root access in order to make changes to this section.

The Basic cPanel and WHM setup is used to configure how cPanel accounts are created in WHM. There are two main sections that can be modified: Contact information and the Basic Config section. When you have made these settings, they are used in the creation of new cPanel accounts within WHM.

How to Configure the Basic cPanel in WHM

Login to WHM as a Root user
In the search bar, type in “basic cPanel and WHM Setup”. You will see the menu item appear when you type “basic.” Click on the menu item in the left column to open it.

When you open Basic cPanel & WHM Setup, you will see the tab ALL highlighted. Below the tab, you will see both the Contact Information and Basic Config sections. Click on the value that you want to configure.
Fill in the values that you want to use for both the Contact information and Basic Configuration
Click on SAVE to save your modifications.

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