How to Configure the iPhone Email Client

Setting up the iPhone email client is a quick and easy task. Follow the sequence below to get it configured:

Click on Settings
Click on Mail,Contacts, Calendars
Click Add Account
Select Other from the email account types
Click on Add Mail Account
Type in the Name Email address, password and description for the account

Scroll down and you will see the sections for INCOMING and OUTGOING mail server settings.

NOTE: For the purposes of this tutorial we are using the IMAP settings. The email settings require that you know the
email settings for your account. Here some examples:

NON-SSL Shared Server settings:

Name: [email protected]
Password: abcd123456

SSL Shared Server settings:

Name: [email protected]
Password: abcd123456

When you have completed adding your email settings click on NEXT, the iPhone will attempt to verify the server connection. If you are getting an error
“Unable to verify server” (or something similar), make sure to click on DETAILS to look at the certificate. This will allow you to make sure you’re connecting to the right server. If you are on the right server, then click on “Always Trust…” – this will allow you to complete the setup process. If you are NOT able to verify, you will not be able to finish the installation.

Once the mail server ha been verified you will see the option to use Mail OR Notes. If you’re not using the NOTES section then simply select the Mail option.

Once you have completed making this change, you will have completed setting up the iPhone email client. Make sure to test both an incoming and outgoing message in order to verify the operation of the mail client.

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