How to convert PDFs to audiobooks with machine learning

Ever wish you could listen to PDFs on the go? In this episode of Making with ML, Dale Markowitz and Kaz Sato show you how to convert PDFs into audiobooks with the help of machine learning tools from Google Cloud. Watch to see how you turn any PDF into an audiobook with machine learning!


0:00 – Introduction
0:30 – Overview
1:10 – Vision API
1:31 – Create a Cloud Function
1:54 – Finding the relevant text
2:29 – Option 1: ML approach
3:04 – Option 2: Heuristic approach
3:23 – Text-to-Speech
3:48 – Converted audiobook

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Product: Machine Learning, Apps Script; fullname: Dale Markowitz;

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Product: ML; fullname: Dale Markowitz;

Duration: 00:04:29
Publisher: Google Cloud
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