How to convince your website visitors to buy from you | 123-reg

Barney Grossman, conversion specialist at 123-reg, shares his best tips on how to convince your website visitors to buy from you.

Watch Barney’s presentation at Google Town Hall to find out what’s stopping people from buying from your website or contacting you, and what you can do to change that.
The discipline is called user experience which Barney describes as “what makes an unhappy visitor happy”.

Barney explains how you can make a user’s visit on your site enjoyable which means: problems-free, easy so they don’t get lost or feel confused or feel like you’ve hidden information from them.

User experience is about keeping things simple for your site’s visitors so they understand what you do, what your offering is and what you want them to do next.

Watch this video presentation to find out:

• Why user experience is so important
• Why you need to think about priority when designing a site or a product page, and which elements should be more prominent on a page
• What are the stages of a consumer buying cycle
• Why consumer reviews are so important now more than ever
• How to measure or track your success so you understand what’s working and what isn’t
• How testing different elements on your page (colours, button shapes) can increase your conversion
• What elements you should put on your site to convince customers you’re trustworthy…

And much more!

Duration: 39:35
Publisher: 123 Reg
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