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Each domain registered must include contact details. These contact details are entered into a WHOIS database so that the domain owner can be contacted if necessary for various reasons. A domain has four types of contacts:
1) Registrant contact
2) Administrative Contact
3) Billing Contact
4) Technical Contact

The details of these contacts can be fetched from any WHOIS lookup.
Whenever a contact is created, a new contact ID is generated. In order to display the details of the new contact, the contact ID must be linked or assigned to the domain name.

Whenever a customer account is created, a contact is added by default in the customer control panel. The default contact uses the same information which has been entered while creating the customer account. Thus, you can purchase domains directly from within the customer account or the reseller account.

If a domain needs to use some different contact information, you can create a new contact while registering the domain name. Also, a contact can be created from within the customer control panel. In order to create a new contact, please follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Login to your reseller account.
2. Go to customers and click on list.
3. Enter the customer name and click on search.
4. Once you are able to locate the customer account, please click on login to panel.
5. You will be redirected to the customer details page. Please click on the green ‘login to panel’ button so you can auto-login into your customers control panel.
6. Once you are logged into the customer control panel, please click on settings – domain specific – contact management.
7. Here, you can find all the contact which has been created from this customer control panel. In order to create a new contact, click on Add New.
8. You need to enter the details and create a new contact. The details that needs to be entered are mentioned below:
Contact Type:
Company :
Email Address:
Tel No:
Key points that needs to be taken into consideration while creating the contact:
– While adding the contact, you can choose any type of contact like a general contact, .UK contact. ES contact etc. General contact needs to be used for registering gTLDs like .COM, .NET, .ORG and .BIZ. The other contacts are used while
registering specific ccTLDs or country code TLDs like .UK and .ES
– The zip code must match with the city, state or province. Else, you will encounter an error while creating the contact.
– Also, a contact ID can only be created or deleted. It cannot be edited or modified.

After entering all the details, please click on Add and a new contact ID will be created. The new contact can even be set as a default contact from within the customer control panel. This would allow all newly registered domains to use the contact information of the new contact ID.

In order to set a new contact as a default contact, kindly follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Login to the customer control panel
2. Go to Settings – Domain specific – Default Information.
3. Click on edit and choose the new contact ID for all or any of the contact type. The contact ID will be linked to the customer account.
Any contact ID which has been created with incorrect information will be set as invalid and it will be deleted automatically from the customer account. If the default contact ID of a customer account is deleted, you will not be able to register domains from that customer account, until you have specified the new contact details during the purchase flow. In such scenarios, a new contact ID needs to be created and it needs to be set as default.

As per the Intra/Inter Registrar Transfer Policy implemented by ICANN, a contact ID cannot be edited. Once the contact details of a domain is modified from the overview page of the domain, a new contact ID would be created with the updated details.

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