How to create a microservice architecture with Google Cloud

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Curious how companies automate workflow when they have to stitch together data from multiple applications? In this episode of Architecting Cloud Solutions, Priyanka Vergadia speaks with David Ting, the Senior Vice President of Engineering and CISO at Nylas who oversees product development, support, technical execution, and data security. Listen as they discuss how they compile insights and create an end-to-end automation workflow on Google Cloud.

0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Meet David
1:44 – How does it work?
2:46 – Nylas architecture
4:05 – Why choose Google Cloud?
8:07 – Why and how Pub/Sub has been helpful
9:32 – What are the benefits of migrating to Google Cloud?
11:07 – What’s it like working with the Google Team?
11:42 – What does the future look like?
12:37 – Wrap up

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