How to create a subscriber capture form | 123-reg

Watch this video tutorial to see how easy it is to create a subscriber sign up form and grow your mailing list.

A sign up form is a fantastic way to get more subscribers to join your mailing list. This allows you to keep them up to date with your company and also to build a fruitful relationship with them, which can result in more revenue for your business.

In addition, when you create your sign up form you can ask users who wish to sign up for specific information about themselves such as age, gender, location, email address, income and more. This helps you find out more about your subscribers, which can help you target your message so that it’s relevant to them.

This video will walk you through all the steps you need to follow to create your sign up form and entice visitors on your site to join your mailing list. For complete steps on how to create a sign up form and other useful tips and advice, we recommend reading our support article here:

Duration: 3:55
Publisher: 123 Reg
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