How to Create and Connect to RDS Custom for SQL Server Instance | Amazon Web Services

Amazon RDS Custom is a managed database service that allows businesses with applications that need customization of the underlying operating system and databases that support them while getting all the automation, durability, and scalability benefits of a managed database service. RDS Custom automates database administration tasks and operations while providing the access needed for legacy, packaged, and custom applications.

This video will cover the requirements for creating an Amazon RDS Custom instance. We will also demonstrate how to create an Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server, pause/resume RDS Custom automation, and an example of how the support parameter detects an issue with your RDS Custom instance.

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Working with RDS Custom for SQL Server:

Requirements and limitations for Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server:

Setting up your environment for Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server:

RDS Custom support perimeter and unsupported configurations:

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