How to Create Cloud Optimization Strategies for Your Clients’ Workloads

Despite the fact that most organizations today have multi-cloud environments, they are generally not using the cloud efficiently or strategically, especially in terms of IT control, security, performance, costs, and agility.

With IoT and real-world data always increasing, organizations are going to continue struggling with choosing the best infrastructure options for their workloads and eliminating cloud waste. Watch the webinar to learn more about the ways to evaluate your clients’ cloud needs and deploy the right service for them.

phoenixNAP and CloudGenera discussed tools and best practices that help you optimize your clients’ infrastructure. With 30% of cloud spending going to waste due to the complexity of cost tracking and control, businesses are looking for platforms that can help them optimize their IT budget. With cloud experts in short supply and vendors being heavily biased, the assistance of channel partners is essential to meet client needs.

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This webinar covered:
• The state of cloud opportunities for Channel Partners
• Key cloud migration challenges for businesses
• Tips for providing proof of value to cloud adopters
• Recommended best practices for cloud cost optimization
• Demo of CloudGenera tool features and capabilities
• Bare Metal Cloud use cases for Channel sales

To help your clients make the best cloud workload placement decisions, you can provide them with a clear and comprehensive understanding of their current IT environment and work.

Duration: 00:56:29
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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