How to Create Reusable Blocks in WordPress

In this video, you will learn about how to create reusable WordPress blocks in the Gutenberg editor. Reusable blocks can be created from any kind of content and be used repeatably, as well as updated dynamically across your site.

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01:23 How to create a reusable block
03:22 How to use a reusable block
03:38 How to manage reusable blocks
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How to Create Reusable Blocks in WordPress

Creating reusable blocks is a great way to save content for later use or to simply save some time and energy for content that you need to repeat often.

It’s also a great way to represent the content needed for your marketing campaigns. After you have crafted the perfect blend of content and graphics for your campaign, you can easily repeat it as often as needed. And you can edit the content in one central location, and have those changes take effect wherever the reusable block is used.

In this video, we cover the creation of dynamic reusable blocks. But all blocks can be reused in static form, because they are basically plain text. This means you can easily copy and paste them in any place you can store text.

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