How to Create the Parallax Effect Using the BoldGrid Plugin in WordPress

The parallax effect is used in websites in order to give the illusion of depth. This is done by creating a slowly sliding background against another image moving slightly quicker in the foreground. The following tutorial describes how to create this effect using the BoldGrid plugin.

Login to BoldGrid Administrator
Click on Pages and add a Blank page
Name the page
Hover over the middle of the page until you see the pop-up menu with 3 bars.
Select Change Background
Select an image for your first background in the window that appears
After you have selected the image, click on SETTINGS, and select Parallax
Adjust the image size as needed
Hover over the page under the image you have added until you see the 3 bar menu again.
Click on Add Empty Section
Go back to the 3 bar menu and then select Change Background
Repeat these steps for the number of background images that you wish to use

Add Gridblock – this will be the foreground content.
Publish/Update in order to save your page changes

Preview the page and scroll. You should see the parallax affect at this point.

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