How to divorce your hosting provider

hosting-providersVIDEO – Many hosting providers claim it, but not all of them have it…a lovable, knowledgeable and issue solving support department, preferably 24x7x365. Most of the times you find out only when you’re deep into a relationship with your hosting provider already.

Next to malfunctioning hosting products or too much downtime, bad support could definitely be a good reason to break up with your hosting provider. But how to divorce a hosting partner that initially seemed to be the love of your life?

Hosting company, a provider of managed, private hosting solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, has done a great job in shooting this video with a funny script and good acting. Thumbs up. Take a look at how this ‘falling out of love’ conversation would go.

Whether is good marriage material and a supporting hosting partner, Hosting Journalist doesn’t know yet. As a SharePoint cloud hosting services specialist, they were Named a 2010 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist. Its expertise has also earned the trust of DOW Chemical, Boeing and the American Red Cross. Maybe you just have to find out for yourself.


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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO