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A domain name is an address where you can access your website on the internet. When you register a domain name (, it is registered with you for a certain number of years i.e. until its registration term expires. You can register a domain for a minimum tenure of 1 year and a maximum tenure of 10 years. In order to continue using a domain name beyond its expiration date, all you need to do is renew the domain name registration. Domain renewal needs to be done regularly on a yearly basis.

This video talks about how to renew domain name registration for your domain name for a period of 2 years or more. You can renew website domain by following the steps mentioned below:
1. Login to the Reseller Account under which the domain is registered. (
2. Click on Products and select List All Orders.
3. Click on the domain name for domain renewal.
4. On the overview page next to Domain Registration tab click on Renew.
5. Select the tenure for which you want to renew web domain name.
6. Click on Renew.

Apart from individually renewing domain names, you can also renew all expiring domain names in bulk from within your Control Panel. There are 2 ways in which you can place a bulk domain renewal action. You can place the bulk domain renewal action using the bulk renewal tool by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Login to your Reseller Account
2. Click on Products – Bulk Tools
3. Click on Bulk Renewal
4. Select if you wish to enter the Domain Names or Order IDs
5. Enter the details and click on Renew
6. It will then display a Bulk Renewal Summary view, along with the total number of Orders in the Bulk Renewal Action and the total domain name renewal cost.
7. Upon selecting the intended duration, click the Renew Orders button.
8. A Bulk Invoice will be raised for the Renewal of the Orders. You may choose to settle it immediately or at a later stage from the List of Pending Invoices and Debit Notes, which can be access by pointing to My Billing in the Menu and then clicking Pending Payment.

To place the bulk domain renewal action from the List All Orders page, you can follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Login to your Reseller Account
2. Click on Products – List All Orders
3. Select the domains you want to renew
5. Click on the renew icon on top of the list
Bulk renew feature is useful if you wish to renew bulk domains at once. Also, you can track the progress of the bulk action placed from the Running Bulk Actions option available under the Products – Bulk Tools tab.
Make sure that the domains you are trying to bulk renew supports bulk domain renewal as bulk renewal feature is not supported by all the TLDs. ResellerClub offers a wide range of TLDs and gTLDs along with ease to renew website domain name. (

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