How to do performant anomaly detection with Prelert and Elasticsearch by Baha Azarmi

Elastic FR Meetup – September 22, 2016

Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, and the Elastic Stack, has acquired Prelert, a leading provider of behavioral analytics technology. Elastic will integrate the Prelert technology into the Elastic Stack, and will offer it as part of its subscription packages in 2017, giving Elastic customers more capabilities to solve complex use cases such as cybersecurity, fraud detection, and IT operations analytics, among others.

Baha will present with a quick demo how you can do performant anomaly detection with Prelert and Elasticsearch.

Bahaaldine Azarmi, Baha in short, is a Solutions Architect at Elastic. Prior to this position, Baha co-founded reachfive, a marketing data-platform focused on user behavior and social analytics. Baha also worked for different software vendors such as Talend or Oracle, where he held a Solutions Architect or Architect position. Baha is based in Paris and has a Master’s Degree in computer science from Polyech’Paris.

Duration: 25:4
Publisher: Elastic
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