How to Edit Images in the WordPress Administrator

The following tutorial explains how to edit images using the default WordPress administrator interface. It goes over the options and limitations that are provided in the administrator when working with images.

To edit an image in the image library:

Login to the WordPress Administrator
Click on Media Library
Open the image that you wish to edit

You can immediately see that you can change the information about the image such as its title, caption, alt text and description.

You can also see the existing file name, dimensions and file size.

Click on Edit Image in the bottom left hand corner.

Here you the option to crop the image, change the scale of the image, change the aspect ratio, and rotate or flip the image. To find out more about each option at right, click on the question marks for a more detailed description.

The changes for the image can be made to all sizes saved by WordPress, only the thumbnail size, or all sizes but the thumbnail. Once you have completed making the changes, click on the blue SAVE button.

The EDIT MORE DETAILS button allows you to make the same changes that were only presented in a small box at the right in the Attachment screen.

The editing options within the WordPress Admin are limited to orientation, scale and aspect ratio of the image. You can also only make changes to the image information. If you wish to make changes to the actual image such as removing red-eye, then you will need to use a third-party application, or install a plugin to extend the functions of the WordPress administrator to allow those functions.

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