How to Edit Your .Htaccess file

Learn how to edit your .htaccess file by using the cPanel File Manager or an FTP client.

The .htaccess file is a hidden file that is used by the hosting server for several purposes:

Examples include

Website configuration

The file is detected and processed by the Apache server
How do you find the .htaccess file? The .htaccess file is generally in the root of the folder where you’re saving your website files. Note that there can be multiple .htaccess files. They can exist in folders that are part of your website files. Make sure to select the correct file to edit.

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to navigate to the file and then open it using either the cPanel File Manager or an FTP client.
NOTE: As with any change, make sure to back up your files BEFORE you make any changes.

Using the cPanel File Manager

First login to the cPanel
Go to the File Manager.
Make sure to double-check the settings so that you can see hidden files
Go to the relevant .htaccess file.
Select the file
Use the edit options within File Manager
Make sure to save your changes.

Using an FTP client

Login to the account
Find the .htaccess file
Download it and then edit the file with a text editor. Save your changes.
Apply the changes to your website by uploading the file back into the location where you downloaded it. Make sure you overwrite the file.

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