How to Find You Server’s Default PHP Version in cPanel

In this video we demonstrate how to find your server’s default php version using the cPanel

First, log into your cPanel.

For those of you using the X3 theme, select the Expand Stats link on the left hand sidebar menu. This will expand down to show many different settings.

Scroll down until you find the php version field.

If you are on the Paper Lanter theme, click on the Expand Stats link on the left hand menu.

Next, scroll down and click on Server Settings. link. This will bring up another page with more information.

Look at the top portion of the page and you will see a field named PHP Version. There you will see the version your server is running by default.

Keep in mind, if you have altered your files to use a different php version somewhere in your account, that will not show here.

You can have different sites on your account and they can all be running different versions of php. If your default version is php 5.4 and you have set your .htaccess file to run 5.2 for your site, the 5.4 version will display here as it is the default server version.

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