How to Franchise Your Business – (All Explained)

How to franchise your business!

Today I am talking to Brian Allmey of Next Level Business Solutions Ltd.

Brian is a specialist in Business development with a speciality in franchising and licensing.

As well as working with clients, Brian has franchised two of his own businesses, both from start up, taking one international & he has helped develop Franchise or Licensing programmes for businesses ranging from a 2 man business to a £billion pa PLC.

In today’s interview Brian shares with us his knowledge and experience of franchising and licencing.

What is Franchising? Is it Right For My Business?

Franchising can be an excellent way to grow your business using other people’s funding and Brian explains what franchising is & why is franchising is important in today’s economy.

He also takes us through the steps of preparing a franchise and identifies both the opportunities and the risks that you should take into account if you are considering setting up a franchise based on your business.

Duration: 17:5
Publisher: Pickaweb
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