How To Get More Reviews (tips on getting more customer reviews and feedback)

How to get more reviews from your customers
Wouldn’t it be great if everyone believed everything we said and wrote about our business?

That’s where reviews come in. It’s the social proof that you can deliver what you say you can.

So keep watching because I’m going to explain:

5 compelling reasons why you should be getting reviews
The single best place to start getting reviews
& I’ll share 7 proven ways to go about getting them

I’m Tony Messer – the founder of Pickaweb the web hosting company that helps businesses get online, get found and get more customers.

I’ve worked with thousands of businesses of all sizes and in this video I’m going to explain exactly how you can get a ton of great reviews from your customers.

First up – why bother with reviews?

Well, here are 5 compelling reasons:

Reason #1 – It’s estimated that up to 90% of people use online reviews before making a purchase
Reason #2 – These potential customers are then using these reviews to make an opinion about you or your competitors before buying
Reason #3 – Positive reviews improve trust
Reason #4 – Reviews can have a positive effect on your Google ranking
& Reason #5 – They give an effective feedback channel between you and your customers

The best place to start getting reviews is in your Google My Business listing.

In fact we did some research on local business rankings last year and the top ranking websites had twice the number of reviews that lower ranking ones had in Google.

Google reviews matter.

And you can start right away – it won’t cost a penny.

But not just Google. There are tons of places you can get reviews depending on your type of business. Check the link below the video for some ideas.

So do you get reviews or do you leave reviews for businesses you use? Let me know in the comments below. I really appreciate it, I always read them & I will get back to you.

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