How to Give Developers Secure Access to Kubernetes Clusters using Lens | Mirantis Labs – Tech Talks

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Setting up a Kubernetes service has become relatively easy, whether it be on-premise or in public cloud services. However, giving secure access to developers can be a painful process involving cluster certificates, access management systems, networking setup, and firewalls.

To address this challenge, Lens Cloud is introduced. You’ll have an option to share access to your cluster and accept invitations from others to access their clusters. To make this possible Team Lens introduced a new technology called Cluster Connect. This allows Developers and Operators to easily access and work with their clusters anywhere, without having to go through a complex onboarding process to obtain a KUBECONFIG file.

After this Tech Talk, you’ll possess the knowledge to securely share access to your Kubernetes clusters without the use of configuration files.

0:00 – Introduction & agenda
2:40 – What is Lens Teamwork & Collaboration
5:12 – The Lens user challenge
7:08 – A closer look at the Tech: Cluster Connect
8:40 – Live Demo: securely sharing clusters with your team via Lens
23:41 – Live Demo: accessing a shared cluster via Lens Spaces
27:34 – Outro

Duration: 00:29:09
Publisher: Mirantis
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