How to Increase Website Traffic – Presented by Bluehost

[] Getting more traffic to your website is critical to success online. After all, there’s nothing worse than taking the time to build a great site but having no idea how to get potential customers to visit. Watch this video to learn five simple ways you can get more traffic.

Be a Resource — To differentiate your business from competitors (and create relationships with customers online), you’ve got to leverage your business as an industry leader. You can do this by creating helpful original content for your website, giving away e-books or other industry guides for free, answering questions on Facebook and Twitter from prospective customers, live-tweeting or streaming important company events, and uploading and sharing industry-related educational videos for current and prospective customers.

Focus on a Specific Niche — Stagnant website traffic could be the result of fact that the content you’re sharing is too general. If you notice that most of your competitors are sharing similar information, consider zeroing in on a niche topic within your industry to differentiate your business. Other ways to leverage your expertise to generate traffic are guest blogging or contributing to industry publications, answering questions on Quora or Yahoo Answers, or answering queries at

Develop Partnerships — Many small businesses develop strategic partnerships with other firms but forget to nurture those relationships online. Work with your partners to develop a plan to mutually increase web traffic. This can be done through blog posts that highlight the partnership and why it exists, joint social media promotions, shared giveaways or sales, or trading ads on each other’s websites.

Support a Cause — Web users are passionate, particularly about charitable causes. Many brands intentionally partner with and support causes and nonprofit organizations. This can help humanize your brand and prove to customers that you’re not just in it for the money. Additionally, it can provide a lot of great content for your website and social channels.

Use PPC Advertising — One of the easiest ways to get more traffic is to utilize pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC allows you to place ads online where your target audience will see them, such as on search results pages, social networks, and a variety of websites. And it’s a growing marketing tool: experts estimate that by next year, spending on online ads will, for the first time, outpace the amount spent on television spots.

Getting more traffic requires a multi-tiered strategy. As you focus on sharing quality content for your target audience, promoting good causes, developing strong partnerships, and using PPC advertising, you’ll increase your website’s traffic and keep visitors coming back for more.




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